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The Happy Body: a unique programme that will help you to
(re)gain your health, strength and flexibility


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The Happy Body is a programme developed by champion Olympic weight-lifters Jerzy & Aniela Gregorek. It is a unique, holistic, approach to health and to life, bringing together the wisdom of their experiences at the top of their field in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, with their understanding of living according to the principles of Stoic philosophy.

It is, quite simply, the best approach to health and living there is. It will change your life, increase not only your strength, energy and flexibility but also extend your health-span. By learning how to live as a Happy Body you have accepted the invitation to become a Master, not a Fatalist. Consider yourself invited.

Using the power of micro-progression we can build strength, flexibility and speed at any age. Yes, really. The Happy Body programme is a unique approach to overall health, combining a daily practice using light dumbbells with use of the breath, and a closing meditation to consolidate the practice. It is an approach that builds lean body mass while lowering body fat %, and also, crucially, understands the importance of balancing physical engagement with both physical and mental relaxation to build optimum health. This has great benefits for overall health and well-being, but in particular for anyone over the age of 50, and especially if you are a woman over 50.


This is the magic combination for a healthy, happy body. There is a powerful cascade of health benefits that follow an increase in lean body mass, built using resistance with light dumbbells. The Happy Body is a programme that you can learn, the exercises are fully adaptable to your current physical capacity, and you can do it every day in your own home. Developed by champion Olympic weightlifters, Jerzy & Aniela Gregorek, it is genius in its simplicity and its effectiveness.


I’m Margaret O’Brien, based in Carrick-on-Suir, in the south-east of Ireland. I completed my training as a Happy Body Mentor after experiencing the transformative benefits of this programme, not least the disappearance of niggling and ever more limiting stiffnesses, aches and pains. They are now a vague memory, but what is here to stay is my joy in movement, my energy and zest for life as a result of daily practising this programme.


I know the difference this programme has made to my life and I love to introduce and teach this programme to others and to support them as they make changes that improve their quality of life. Because you can live your life with strength, energy and joy!

"Become a master, not a fatalist"
- Jerzy & Aniela Gregorek
"Hard choices, easy life.
Easy choices, hard life"
- Jerzy & Aniela Gregorek
"Are you afraid of this happiness?"
- Buddha
"Intensity makes a good story.
Consistency makes progress."
- James Clear
"Mental reorientation is half the battle,
and often it’s the other half too."
- Questlove
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About me

Every day I pick up a pair of dumbbells at a regular time. This is the most important thing I have to do. Start. My body and brain now know what is to happen. I take in a full breath, engage my core, raise my chest, curl up my toes.

Then I lift the dumbbells first to shoulder height, then high above my head, arms straight. I have successfully fought against gravity but I am not yet finished. I press the dumbbells further towards the ceiling, a small but vital stretch. Now I have fought for my flexibility, I have extended my edge. It feels good. I come out of the exercise in one smooth, controlled movement and release my breath.

This is the exercise known as ‘Standing Tall’ and is the beginning of the full Happy Body routine of 18 exercises. I have done the most important part, I have started, and I will now go through the entire routine taking about 30 minutes, and work every single part of my body. I am continually building my strength, flexibility and speed over time and my body and mind love it. Consistent small changes, over time, produces results.

Because we can live out our lives with energy and joy.

My Backstory:

I have had an interesting and eclectic mix of life experiences and have taken opportunities when they came my way and felt right to me. These included beginning my college education in my 40th year; discovering the work of the late Pat Schneider and becoming an affiliate of Amherst Writers & Artists, which led me to start Writing Changes Lives (10 + years and still running); lecturing in the Sociology of Adult Literacy; lecturing in English Literature and Creative Writing in Waterford Institute of Technology.

The discovery of the work of Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek in recent years was another game changer for me. We are not comprised of both mind and body, we are all body! In my work with my Happy Body clients I support them as they begin to change their narratives around health and fitness, as they discover that change for the better is possible, at any age. Small changes made consistently over time, micro-progression, is where the magic lies.

My credentials include:

  • BA in English Literature
  • MA in Education
  • Adv Dip in Creative Writing
  • HDip in Adult Ed
  • Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1 & Level 2;
  • Certified Mentor The Happy Body.

PS: Did I mention four children, seven grandchildren? That is where my own true and deepest learning, and deep appreciation for life, for living has happened.


Margaret A. O’Brien

Contact & Booking

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If you would like to find out more, or to arrange a free 20 minute discovery call, simply send me a message using the form below. I would love to hear from you.


I run small group workshops over 4 weeks, a few times a year. This can be the perfect first step to learn what The Happy Body has to offer. During Covid-19 these are offered via the Zoom platform.

One Year Will Pass

One-to-one mentoring. This option is for those who are committed to stepping forward into a new, more vibrant life. There will be weekly x 1 hour meetings, via Zoom during Covid-19, plus daily interactions and support.

    In their own words

    “I’m so glad I found the happy body”

    Gráinne Boyle

    avatar pink

    Thanks so much for the introduction. I really enjoyed it, even with resistance at times!

    I got up early this morning and did each sequence 4 times, and actually enjoyed it and feel it’s a great start to the day.

    It’s to be consistent now!

    Gráinne Boyle

    Kay Ryan

    avatar blue

    I’m delighted to have stumbled across ‘The Happy Body’ and to have had you as leader. Your instruction is clear and it’s great to get the other gems of wisdom which you add.

    Kay Ryan

    Eileen Acheson

    avatar blue

    I can hardly put words on the value that The Happy Body and Margaret O’Brien have brought to this body, mind and soul.

    The Happy Body experience with its physical, mental, spiritual aspects has been a gift in my life.
    My job is to simply follow the guidelines each day and bit by bit I feel stronger, more alive and have longer lasting energy. I enjoy my food so, so much and am learning when enough is enough. My muscle tone is clearly improved and it is just lovely to feel well and strong. I was looking for a lasting lifelong change to inner and outer body health and I trusted Margaret O’Brien.



    Eileen Acheson

    Eileen Heneghan

    avatar pink

    Margaret O’Brien is an incredible coach. She is genuine, authentic and committed.She has deep understanding and knowledge and weaves her expertise with care and creativity. Her offering is unique. I feel she understands me and is on my side. I have learned fully through working with Margaret that success is achieved by taking incremental step after step and failing is part of it all. I love her poetry quotes and recommended book titles.


    The Happy Body exercises are now fully embedded in my daily routine and in themselves transformative. Precision Nutrition is an excellent programme.

    Margaret weaves it all together and brings a touch of her own unique impulse to unify everything. I always feel inspired after our sessions and that there has been a deep understanding of where I am right now!

    Margaret is Magic!



    Eileen Heneghan

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