Live your life with energy & joy.

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Regain your health, strength and flexibility
through The Happy Body exercises with Margaret A. O’Brien as your mentor.


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The Happy Body is a program developed by Olympian record breaker Jerzy Gregorek & his wife, Aniela. Using a simple balance of nutrition, exercise and relaxation The Happy Body is a complete health program – where you learn to become your own coach.

We don’t have to get frail and weak as we age. Instead we can build strength, resilience and flexibility even as the calendar tells us that we are older. Next year we will be older, but we can be stronger, more flexible, have more energy.


The Happy Body is a mindful exercise & nutrition program that helps you break free from bad habits and future-proof you and your body. Connect what the body needs and the mind wants with the better person you want to be.


Margaret A. O’Brien is a qualified Happy Body Mentor and certified Nutrition Coach. By taking part in her classes and observing her coaching you will feel stronger, be more flexible and enjoy more energy.

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In their own words

“I’m so glad I found the happy body”

Gráinne Boyle

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Thanks so much for the introduction. I really enjoyed it, even with resistance at times!

I got up early this morning and did each sequence 4 times, and actually enjoyed it and feel it’s a great start to the day.

It’s to be consistent now!

Gráinne Boyle

Kay Ryan

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I’m delighted to have stumbled across ‘The Happy Body’ and to have had you as leader. Your instruction is clear and it’s great to get the other gems of wisdom which you add.

Kay Ryan

Eileen Acheson

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I can hardly put words on the value that The Happy Body and Margaret O’Brien have brought to this body, mind and soul.

The Happy Body experience with its physical, mental, spiritual aspects has been a gift in my life.
My job is to simply follow the guidelines each day and bit by bit I feel stronger, more alive and have longer lasting energy. I enjoy my food so, so much and am learning when enough is enough. My muscle tone is clearly improved and it is just lovely to feel well and strong. I was looking for a lasting lifelong change to inner and outer body health and I trusted Margaret O’Brien.

Eileen Acheson
Margaret a OBrien Profile

About me

Every day I start by picking up a pair of dumbbells at a regular time. This is the most important thing I have to do. Start. My body and brain now know what is to happen. I take in a full breath, engage my core, raise my chest, curl up my toes.

Then I lift the dumbbells first to shoulder height, then high above my head, arms straight. I have successfully fought against gravity but I am not yet finished. I press the dumbbells further towards the ceiling, a small but vital stretch. Now I have fought for my flexibility, I have extended my edge. It feels good. I come out of the exercise in one smooth, controlled movement and release my breath.


This is the exercise known as ‘Standing Tall’ and is the beginning of the full Happy Body routine of 18 exercises. I have done the most important part, I have started, and I will now go through the entire routine taking about 30 minutes, and work every single part of my body. I am continually building my strength, flexibility and speed over time and my body loves it. Consistent small changes, over time, produces results. We will do this together, one habit at a time.


Because we can live out our lives with energy and joy.


Margaret A. O'Brien