What others have said about my writing workshops:

‘As for the last few weeks in Brewery Lane, it’s been a very special time for everybody. Don’t change the recipe – it works perfectly as it is and we may as well be in Stratford Upon Avon as Carrick – the privacy and culture of Brewery Lane is wonderful!’ Ethel P.

‘I loved everything about the course – the encouragement and the opportunity to write, the exposure to other people’s voices. I liked the fact that at times I had to move out of my comfort zone and push myself to engage with an exercise. I learned such a lot from everyone in the group and their support and encouragement was invaluable. I think that having the opportunity to present a piece to the group and to then get feedback on it is a most worthwhile aspect of the workshop. It is also great to get informed critique from you.’ Mary Hanrahan

‘The different prompts to stimulate writing were most helpful as was the group energy.’ Jessica Keane

‘The session on Saturday mornings is the highlight of my week – I love it! Keep it up! Thanks.’ Gary Graham

‘I wanted to thank you for your writing course.  The care, the positive atmosphere and the variety of stimuli in your course were all excellent. I continue to really enjoy the writing. Many, many thanks and keep me in touch about your workshops. I still think your courses were the best!’ Jean Rogers (shortlisted for Fish Short Story prize 2010)

‘The variety of writing exercises is great, we never know what to expect and I love “Trust your pen”. We get a lot done, no time wasting. Inspirational material.’ Mary Clancy

‘The Magic Pen writing workshops are just that – magic! From the word go, Margaret sets up an atmosphere where you cannot help but write. There are no wrong answers to any of the prompts and no right answers either. Everyone has the freedom to experiment as he/she wishes in a relaxed and safe environment where all writing is respected regardless of origin.’ Nora

‘I found the fact that it was a safe place to read very liberating and allowed me to write personally. The only criticism – each session seemed too short!!’ Mary S.

‘More Saturdays like this! Thanks so much Margaret. Your professionalism and openness towards us all was great. The encouragement to keep writing, redrafting is so important. Thanks again.’ Breda Joyce

‘Excellent workshop. You’re very inclusive, so newcomers feel welcome and the responses to writing are great for giving confidence. The manuscript response was very helpful.’ Geraldine Morrissey

‘Life enhancing group sessions. I felt that the process freed up my creative juices. Lovely, safe place to experiment, explore and find your creative voice.’ Frances Cahill

‘All aspects of the workshop were very helpful and supportive. Thanks for everything, it was excellent!!’ Pat Hoban

‘For anyone who has ever had a thought they would like to write  – this is a prime place not just to start but to develop from. No matter your age, your gender, your genre, you will leave each class learning something valuable – guaranteed.’ Heather Comerford

‘I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. It was my first time to do any creative writing and although I was thrown in at the deep end, I survived and surprised myself. I love the fact that I get to produce pieces of writing every week. There is no excuse for procrastination, you are there to write!’ Sarah Kearney