More seeds and stories

What’s in the box?

Greenside Up

Here’s a clue!

Seed Gift Collection

I like nothing better than unwrapping a parcel that arrives in the post all tied up with string. Don’t you? There is that delicious sense of anticipation for those few moments before I tear open the wrapping.

And …

this is what I found inside the box …

Inside the box

Colourful handcrafted gift cards, each with a selection of seed packets inside with instructions for growing.

Inside the card

As regular readers will know this blog sometimes takes to the outdoors, finding inspiration in digging and tending and generally spending some time with things that just won’t be rushed. And as a GIYer I’m always interested in new initiatives that encourage more people to have a go at planting seeds and to learn at firsthand the wonders of growing some of their own food and appreciate the taste of fresh veggies grown with nil food miles or chemicals. Trust me, there really is nothing like it. So when Dee Sewell of Greenside Up (cue full disclosure here!) put a call out for someone to review her gift box of seeds I jumped at the chance. And as you can see from the photos above this is no ordinary set of seed packets but a very thoughtfully presented gift box with a selection of seeds that I think couldn’t fail to inspire those fortunate enough to get one. Who wouldn’t be captivated by titles like ‘Awash with Squash!’, ‘It’s Wine O’Clock’, ‘Feeling Hot?’, ‘It’s Time for Tea’ and ‘Bees Banquet’?

Growing food from seed has so much in common with the writing process – you must plant the seeds (words), add just the right amount of compost, rain, sunshine, earthworms and so on. Keep on tending it. Weed and hoe. Keep working. Observe. Progress, growth is not always obvious. It will take time and go through several stages, some that seem not at all promising. But the process itself teaches me something – perhaps patience, perhaps the need for regular attention. Now that it’s Spring here in Ireland let’s plant seeds. Grow and write. Write and grow.

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  1. […] Margaret O’Brien is a GIYer with a blog called Writing Changes Lives and she captured the essence of the gift box beautifully. […]

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